OUr Vision

Here at Rigo Signs we pride ourselves on delivering quick and excellent work to our customers. We’re always learning on how to improve our shop, products and service. We want to be the Central Valley’s number one choice for custom apparel and merchandising and we believe we’re headed that way.

Our Story

Our beginning was almost 18 years ago. Before there was a Rigo Signs shop, the Moya family worked at the Fresno Swap Meet for 13 years. Selling corn, churros, hot dogs and more. They were the go to place for your Swap Meet snack cravings. Well, their Swap Meet adventures would soon come to an end after Rigo Sr. bought a small vinyl plotter. They started doing small stickers here and there for people and before they knew it, the business was taking off. Rigo Sr. rented a small space in Tulare Ca to start the Rigo Signs company and ever since, The Rigo Signs Team hasn’t stopped working or growing.

Meet the Team


Rigo Sr. & Patty Moya

Rigo Sr. and Patty are shop owners. Patty is also the main embroider that gets all the embroidery done. They’ve been married for 35 years, have 2 sons and 5 grand children. They love going to Las Vegas and Pismo for much needed R&R.

Ruben & Ashlyn Moya

Ruben is Shop Manager and Ashlyn is Sales and Marketing Manager. They both do various jobs around the shop. Ruben and Ashlyn have been married for 3 years and have 2 beautiful daughters and their first baby boy was born November of 2017!


Here’s an article that was published about our business in the Visalia Times Delta!

Next Steps…

Come visit us and take look at our work. We’d love to work with you for your next order!

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